Darrin Preece


Darrin has been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life.  He has be partners/owner of many businesses since he was 25 years old.  From retail experience, to the service industry, to the coaching, speaking, and training industry, Darrin has had many years of experience in them all.  His passion is to help entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and their people to the next level.  He is a numbers guy as well.  The numbers in a business tell a specific story and outcome.  Darrin is an expert in knowing the numbers and what they mean and how to track them.  He is also a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach for the John Maxwell Team.  Helping people to grow in their leadership is key to growing a business.  If the leader isn’t growing personally and professionally in their business, then the people in the business are also not going, and therefore the business has flattened out.  Darrin is great at getting things back on track and helping the company grow.  He is here to help in all aspects of your business and personal growth.


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