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Why You Should Have A
Business Coach

Owning your own business brings a lot of perks.

Perks Like:

  • Being your own boss

  • Doing your own thing

  • Making your own decisions

  • Not having to answer to anyone

  • The opportunity to make more money

Being a business owner also forces you to take on a bunch of responsibilities.

Responsibilities like:

  • Performing at a level your customers expect

  • Providing a great product or service

  • Making sure you are profitable

  • Making sure your employees are taken care of.

  • Creating and implementing your vision for the company

  • Carrying out the strategic direction of the business

  • Working harder than anyone else.

  • Dealing with complaints from your internal and external customers or clients

  • And the list goes on.

When you started your business you probably had the vision of making a bunch of money, not having to answer to a boss ( because you could do your bosses job better ).  Having extra time to spend with your wife and kids, getting a bigger house, or driving a nicer car. All those dreams you had that you thought owning your own business would afford you.  

When you started out it was great.  You were the only employee and you could deliver your product or service without any problem at all.  However as you started to get more and more business you figured out that you couldn’t do it all by yourself.  So what did you do? You hired a friend, or buddy to help you. Everything was once again peachy keen, you had an employee that took some of the burden off your plate.  Or so you thought. You soon found out that your employee didn’t deliver your product or service like you did, or like you wanted them to. Why was that? Because you didn’t set any expectations with them.  Besides, they were your friend. They should be able to read your mind and know what you wanted or expected. RIGHT? Wrong!  

Then once you hired an employee you didn’t realize how expensive they were.  You had no idea that you had to pay all of those extra taxes just to provide them with a paycheck.  Then after a short period of time you realized that you weren’t making as much money because you did nothing to compensate for the extra cost of doing business.  So your profits were going down hill really fast. And your new employee wasn’t increasing your sales they were just doing what they thought you wanted them to do.  Again you thought they could read your mind.  

After a while you figured out that hiring a friend wasn’t such a great idea, but how could you let them go, and still have them as a friend?  (The hardest thing to do is to have to FIRE a friend or relative). So instead of dealing with it you decided to hire another employee. This time it was going to be different.  You were going to train this new person and teach them how to do their job. RIGHT? WRONG! You hired this new person and had every intention of training them and teaching them, however you got busy dealing with the day to day of running your own business and pushed their training off on to your friend to teach and train them.  Now you have two people not doing what you need and expect them to do. And you just doubled your expenses. NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?  

This is just one scenario of what owning your own business is all about.  And the scenarios are endless.  

 So the question still remains.  Why do you need a business coach?  What does a business coach do? Well let me explain… 

A Business coach plays many roles.  First and foremost a business coach holds you the owner accountable, which is what the owner really needs whether you want to admit it or not.  (At some point you will). A coach also is someone who listens and helps the owner with the strategic direction of the company. A coach is an advisor when a difficult decision needs to be made.  A coach is someone who can look at the financial status of the company and be able to decipher through all the mess and really tell what is going on. A coach also helps the company move from one level to the next by mentoring people besides the owner.  A coach teaches leadership, business principles, and even sometimes life principles. A coach looks at an entire organization including people, processes, procedures, and even products and services and helps to align the company to make higher profits. And a coach does many other things.  

So WHY do you need a business coach?

You may only be struggling with a couple challenges in your business, however there will be a point when you feel like the world is crashing down on you and you need to have some help.  A Coach is your help. An eye from the outside looking in. Someone who has no ties, or emotional attachments to your people, products, or services and can give you a clear, honest picture of what is going on in your business. 

So Do You Need A Coach?  If you are struggling to keep your head above water in your business, or you have hit a ceiling of complexity in growth,  then YOU NEED A BUSINESS COACH.

Click the link below and let’s have a talk.  

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