Finding Positivity in Crisis!

Negativity is everywhere you look right now, which means we have to work extra hard to bring the positivity back into the picture. Today we are talking all about finding positivity and staying positive. In this episode we talk about: Why the words “I cant” should be banned from your vocabulary We should distance ourselves

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What inspires you?

6 Days into the 21 days of live videos during our stay at home order here in Idaho, and today we are talking all about INSPIRATION! Right now we all need a little extra inspiration! What can you do today to get inspired? What inspires you? What can you do to inspire others? In this

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Combating Fear

In this episode of the Radical Impact Podcast we talk about combating fear, especially in a time period where things are scary and uncertian. We give you tips to accept and move on from fear, here is what we talk about! Aknowledge your fear Put yourself in an outside perspective to clearly see it for

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Spring Clean Your Life!

HAPPY SPRING! AND HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is a beautiful day to be alive! And what better way to celebrate than to do a life spring clean?! In this episode of the Radical Impact Podcast we talk about taking some time to evaluate your life, and do some cleaning. Make some changes that will benefit you

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What is your ONE THING?

In this episode of the Radical Impact Podcast we discuss the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. This book talks about why it is important to focus on one thing, and not spread yourself too thin. We hope that you enjoy this episode, and we will be back tomorrow with another

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The Importance of Continuous Learning

In this episode of the Radical Impact Podcast we talk about how important it is to be continually learning. Failure to increase knowledge is the key to regression. We want you to be progressing, so we have put together a list of things that you can do to continue to learn.  Reading Books Listening to

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How do you Inspire?

 what is it?  Inspiration is defined in many different ways to different people.  Inspiration to me is something or someone who helps me get off my butt and do something worthwhile.  It could come in the form of many different things like music, a video, a conversation with someone, a quote in a book, you

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Personal Development Books to Change Your Life!

In today’s episode we talk all about the personal development books that have changed my life, and why I love them! Personal development books are a key factor to continuing growth, and without growth, there is no success.  In this episode we talk about: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

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Tips to Stay Motivated during COVID-19

We are officially starting a new series here on the Radical Impact Podcast, and we cant wait to share it with you! Here in Idaho we have been placed in a 21 day Stay at Home Order by our governor. Because of this we have decided to do a live video every day for 21

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Keeping Consistent with A Routine

Welcome back to the Radical Impact Podcast, in this episode we talk all about keeping up with routines, and starting new routines while undergoing the lifestyle disruption of COVID – 19. We give you eight items that will be beneficial to you if you start to integrate them into your routine. We talk about: Limiting

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