What is RAD Leadership?

Do you need a boost? We all get into slumps sometimes and need a boost. Whether that be a boost of positivity, energy, a kick in the butt, or maybe some comedy to get you back on the right track. RAD Consulting Services has designed this platform so that you can receive a quick daily video to get you going. Each day we will cover a topic that will boost your day, and get you thinking. We believe that your time is your greatest currency, which is why we have designed each video to be under five minutes. They are here for you to review and rewatch when ever you want. If you want to wake up to a daily boost, subscribe below and you will receive a daily video email to start your day. We can’t wait to have you as a part of the community. Wishing you all of the success and happiness.

– Darrin & Ali Preece

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