Books to Read to Up Level Your Life!

Books to Read to Up Level Your Life!

The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau

This book shows you that its not as hard as you think to escape the 9-5 and avoid working a ‘traditional job’. Chris found thousands of people who have created businesses that currently make over $50,000 yearly for a small investment, usually $100 or less.

I really enjoyed this book and it helped to change my perspective on starting a business. It helped me to realize that alot of my hesitations are just limiting beliefs.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership – John Maxwell

This book is a must read when learning how to lead a team. All of the laws are needed to be a great leader. My favorite law is the Law of the Lid. It talks about how everyone has a different level of leadership. 

This book covers the 21 laws that will teach you how to be a great leader!

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

This book helps you learn how to communicate properly with your team. It’s all about influence and how you influence others to strive to be great.

Dale Carnegie tells a lot of stories which help to make this book very entertaining and easy to read. 

The Jim Rohn Guide To:

Goal Setting, Time Management, Personal Development, Leadership & Communication

These books are the best of Jim Rohn. They are really small 40 page books that pack alot of information in. They are perfect for anyone who doesnt love to read but wants the information! 

The Jim Rohn Guide To Series

Good to Great – Jim Collins

This book talks about how good is the enemy of great. It also talks about how to gain momentum in your organization or business.



You Turn – Ashley Stahl

This book is about finding the power within yourself to stop living on autopilot and turn your career around. This book will teach you to take a “You Turn” Towards getting unstuck, discovering your true self, and thriving in your career

I have really enjoyed making my way through it. It is told through her life stories so it is really readable and entertaining. It also takes you through a series of actionable steps to help you have a career shift, or change your career completely.

Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferriss

I have just started this book, and so far what I have read makes a lot of sense. It is a book that has the same questions asked to 100 top entrepreneurs that give their take on some of the most basic question that most people spend years trying to figure out. It’s a book about helping you get the answers you need without having to go through all of the pain it takes to figure them out.

Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss

This book covers tools and tactics of the worlds world-class performers. It was created to be an ultimate notebook of high- leverage tools to change your life.

I have really enjoyed this book so far. Its a really large book that covers alot of different topics. You get alot of information in one place which makes it really convenient. Tim has spent alot of time interviewing people, and he takes the best of the interviews and puts them together in this one place.

Tools of Titans

Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins

This book shows you techniques and strategies to master your emotions, body, relationships, finances, and your life. Get ready to learn how to gain self mastery and learn your true purpose, take control of your life, and shape your destiny.

I have been a fan of Tony Robbins for years now, so I have always known that I eventually would want to read this book. I finally decided to pick it up and I am absolutely devouring it. Tony Robbins is the best in the world for a reason, and this book walks you through exactly how you too, can grow to be the best through self mastery.

Honorable Mention

Today Matters – John Maxwell

12 daily decisions and disciplines that John Maxwell has done to create personal mastery and to achieve success! 

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