Instant Gratification Is Ruining Us

Instant Gratification is Killing Us

What is the difference between instant and delayed gratification? 

  • Instant Gratification – The experience of satisfaction or receipt of reward as soon as a response is made. 
  • Delayed Gratification – Forgoing immediate reward in order to obtain a larger, more desire or more pleasurable reward in the future

Instant gratification feels good, so we have grown to value it over delayed gratification. However delayed gratification is KEY to success because it allows you to reap the rewards of your efforts for a much longer period of time. It’s hard to appreciate the delay when the prospect of the instant is right in front of us.

It is hard for us to ‘wait it out’ for a bigger reward because we don’t see the ending while we’re in the middle. It’s hard to see the outcome and the benefits of our hard work, when it feels so much better to lay in bed and sleep in. 

Social media, same day delivery, streaming services, etc. Have taught us to be dependent on instant gratification. While social media has its upsides, it also has an array of downsides. In the world there are more than 210 million people that are addicted to social media. Because we spend so much time scrolling, our attention spans have dramatically decreased. A recent study found that while in 2000 human attention spans were around 12 seconds. Now our attention spans are around 8 seconds. The average goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds, so we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

People struggle to achieve their goals because they are no longer to put in the hard work to reap the benefits. They would rather fall victim to the instant gratification and feel good in the now, then allow themselves to work had and feel good longer later. 

Social media has given us a sense of FOMO, which makes it hard for us to unplug. This gives us a constant stream of instant gratification. `Instant gratification is something that we all have learned to expect, and it’s something that i’m sure everyone deals with from time to time. The good news, is that delayed gratification is a learned behavior.  

If you want to see actual results, you must be ALL IN!  You have to be dedicated to your goals. You have to be dedicated to your commitments. You have to be dedicated to developing your skill of delayed gratification. 

Habits & Practices

  1. Put a Screen Time timer on your phone. 
    • Put a timer on your social media apps, or your phone in general. DON’T HIT THE EXTEND BUTTON!!
  2. Resist the temptations of instant gratification
    • It feels much better to stay in your warm bed instead of going to the gym. But then you will have regret, still be tired, and feel bad. Just get up and do the work.
  3. Take a few days to consider before making any important decisions
    • When making a purchasing decision, take some time to consider it before just jumping on it.


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