The Importance of Investing in Your Team with Eric Sprague

Why is it so difficult to get your team to do and produce the results that you expect as a business owner?  This is the question that so many business owners have throughout their careers of owning a business.  Eric Sprague was also one of those guys, however he figured out that his team was not producing what he wanted because they didn’t know what he wanted.  Your people are your greatest asset and until you realize that and start treating your people with respect, and giving them real leadership and training they will only produce what they think you want.  Eric is an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer and up and coming Author.  His passion and focus is to help Blue Collar Business owners to teach and train their workers the soft skills of a great service experience, along with the skills to help lead and grow them not just professionally but personally as well.

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