Getting Out of a Slump Amid Coronavirus

It is officially day 5! That means that today is the last day of our Taking Care of YOU Series! If you missed any of the past posts go to the ‘Blog’ section above and they will be at the top! This series has been all about taking care of yourself even though there are alot of crazy things happening in our world right now. Your mental and physical health need to be your top priority, because if you are not in your optimal health, you wont be able to take care of your loved one’s! I hope that you don’t need any of the advice I am giving in this post, because I really hope you don’t fall into a slump, but if you do, this post is for you! It is common to get into a slump when you have been on your own for too long (yes this includes introverts), and we know that these last few weeks we have had our fair share of being stuck inside alone, so you probably know what I am talking about!

If you are feeling this slump coming on, either slowly or all of the sudden, you are in the right place. Today I am going to give you a few different things that you can do to get you out of your slump. Let’s just get into it!

    • If you have been keeping up this week you KNOW that exercise is a big deal! Especially in a slump! Movement is the quickest way to kill any funk, because you are actually doing something. Just be careful with this one, you don’t want to get home and go directly onto the couch or your bed. Keep the momentum going!
    • Color, Draw, Paint, Play an instrument, Dance, Sing, Journal, write, it doesn’t matter, being creative will help you burst your unproductive bubble and help you get out of your slump!
    •  Now don’t let this one get out of hand, or else it can be counter productive. However sleep is extremely important and sometimes you are just tired and need to catch up on some much needed z’s, go take a nap or go to bed early and thank me later.
    •  If you are not feeling like doing anything, this is something easy that you can do that could easily break your slump. go clean your drawer, put those papers away, do the laundry, take your shoes upstairs. Whatever it is that has been needing done, do it!
  5. CLEAN
    •  Cleaning is major when in a slump. Being in a clean environment makes a huge difference in your attitude and mood. You will be shocked at how cleaning your room, or your house, or your bathroom, or all of the above will completely change how you are feeling! If anything else, MAKE YOUR BED!
I hope that you have enjoyed this week of Taking Care of YOU! I also hope that you have enjoyed this post! Comment down below what you have done to get out of a reading slump! I will talk to you guys again soon with another post. Until then,


Much Love,

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