The Gratitude Practice That Can Change Everything

Amid the strange and unsettling things happening in our world right now, we need to take time to appreciate the things that we do have.  As we are surrounding ourselves, intentionally and unintentionally by toxic energies and complete states of panic. This sort of a situation can be extremely harmful to our wellbeing. In a situation such as the one we are currently in, it is important to make YOU your first priority. Keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically. Keep yourself clean, mentally and physically, and keep yourself calm, mentally and physically. This week I will be posting all of my tips and tricks on making yourself your top priority during this time. 

Today I am going to be giving you the tools you need to have a firm gratitude practice that will help you, whether you can immediately see the results or not. Gratitude used to be something that I did just so I could mark it off my to do list, and it would look something like this:

  1. Im thankful for my parents
  2. Im thankful for my dog
  3. Im thankful for my coffee

I would complete this practice first thing when I woke up and never thought about it again the rest of the day. This was never impactful, because as I stated, I NEVER THOUGH ABOUT IT. Guys, do you see what is wrong with this picture? The point of having a gratitude practice is for it to actually make a difference. If you have one but do the same thing that I did, I urge you to stop and reassess. We cant have a lasting impact, if we don’t even have an initial impact. If you want to have a gratitude practice that works, and can completely shift the way you think about the world, here is what you need to do . . . . .

Get a journal or notebook to write in, designate this notebook to be your gratitude notebook. If you want to personalize it, decorate to your hearts desire. After you have your journal, pick a specific time of day that you are going to do this practice. I think that there are positives to both morning and night so it is up to you. If you do your practice at night you will have an easier time remembering the events that you note throughout the day (we will get to this in a minute.) If you do it in the morning you can start your day on a really happy and positive note, so it really depends on your preference. After you have picked a time you will make the commitment to yourself to search for the things in your life that you are grateful for. Big or small, just be specific and you will notice the difference. If you do your practice at night you will constantly be reminded that you need to be searching for your grateful moments to write down before bed. However if you wait until morning you can use the same moments you will just have to remember them after a night of sleep. After this commitment to yourself is made, you just have to write down what you’re grateful for. I recommend writing down somewhere between three to ten different things each day, and it may vary by day depending on the situation. This practice will drastically change your mindset, however you might not see it straight away. Keep up with the practice and eventually you will see what I mean. 

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I look forward to chatting with you the rest of the week. Comment down below how you practice gratitude and if you will be trying out this method.  Remember to take care of yourself and I will talk to you next time.


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