Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset

In this episode of the Radical Impact Podcast we talk all about mindset! Mindset is one of my all time favorite topics, so I am really excited to share this episode with you! This is also a special episode! We took the audio from a facebook live video and turned it into a podcast for you! If you want the visual of this podcast episode Click Here to watch the live video!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
    • Comfort zone, feedback, and judgement vs. gratitude
  • Postive vs. Negative Mindset
    • Why you should never say the words “I Cant” and what you can say instead!
  • All about affirmations and how to change your mindset
We hope that you enjoy today’s episode! Leave us some feedback down below on your thoughts! Also what are your favorite ways to get past a negative mindset?

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